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Cow By The Sea

aDonawa-barbados-Cow By The Sea.jpg

Harrismith, Barbados

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Harrismith Glow

aDonawa-barbados-Harrismith Glow.jpg

Harrismith, Barbados

Yesterday's sunset was great, but I loved the subdued colours that were on display in the opposite direction.

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Mellow Moments

aDonawa-barbados-One With The Sun.jpg

One With The Sun

The waves came back so I decided to try a few ICM (Intentional camera movement) shots to create these dreamy images.

I really like how it shows the movement in the waves.

It took a few tries before I caught this one with the sun.

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Mellow Flow

aDonawa-barbados-Mellow Flow.jpg

Catching a moment with some ICM (Intentional Camera  Movement).

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In Every Crowd

aDonawa-barbados-In Every Crowd.jpg

Hilton Beach, Barbados

This is a shot I've wanted to take for a while now but the conditions were never quite right.

It doesn't look like it but you need a high tide and some big waves to carve out the channel in the sand and create a little stream.

Fortunately there wasn't much sea moss to contend with.

The light and the few low level clouds were just the elements I was looking for to help create this mellow "I'm on vacation" mood.

I used a 10 stop filter to smooth out the water.

The little green rock added another unique element and I changed my composition to highlight it.

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