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The Exhibition

City Lights - Bridgetown.jpg
This is one of my panoramas on display at The Pelican Village.

I'll be here tomorrow, along with the other artist.

It's from 5:00 to 7:00.

Swing by for a lime.

Also, I've finally gotten around to setting up a shop with Fine Art America.

Shipping to most places from Barbados is expensive so this is a great way to save on those costs.

I only have 3 prints available at the moment but I'll add more during the week.

Click here to view the store

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Milky Way Over Green Pond

aDonawa-barbados-Milky Way Over Green Pond.jpg

Green Pond, Barbados

A solo night two years ago under the stars.

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Aquatica Skies

aDonawa-barbados-Aquatica Skies.jpg

Pebbles Beach, Barbados

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Brownes Beach Boats

aDonawa-barbados-Brownes Beach Boats.jpg

Brownes Beach, Barbados

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Morning Surf

aDonawa-barbados-Morning Fresh.jpg

Morning Fresh

Enjoyed this morning's swim and decided to try a few shots were I dragged the shutter.

This is a fun way to create more abstract type images.

I thought they worked well with the soft light.

aDonawa-barbados-Sundown Boogie.jpg

Sundown Boogie

aDonawa-barbados-Hilton Barrel.jpg

Hilton Barrel

aDonawa-barbados-Cotton Candy Splasher.jpg

Cotton Candy Splasher

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