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Little Bay - Triptych 3

aDonawa-barbados-Little Bay Triptych 3.jpg

Little Bay Sunrise, Barbados

This is still my favourite sunrise that I've seen with my own eyes so far.

Mind you, I have been getting up early enough to see

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Before The Storm

aDonawa-barbados-Port Ferdinand.jpg

Port Ferdinand, Barbados

On whim I decided to head to the north-west coast of the island.

I knew we had some stormy weather on the way and

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Beach Chill

aDonawa-barbados-Beach Chill.jpg

After a really crazy week, it was great to just zone out on the beach and watch the light do it's thing.

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Stream to The Sea

aDonawa-barbados-Stream to The Sea.jpg

Everyone has their own special something.

Even though yesterdays sunset was not that spectacular, the light on the grass was dreamy.

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Shore Racer - Lakes Beach

aDonawa-barbados-Shore Racer.jpg

One of the things I love about seascapes is how you can convey movement in your compositions.

With this shot I wanted to convey the sense of

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