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Day 8 - 25 Days of Moving Pictures

Palm Tree - Barbados

Just watching the clouds roll by.

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Shark Hole Sunset

aDonawa-barbados-Shark Hole Sunset.jpg

Shark Hole, Barbados

Another one from my trip to The Hole.

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Carlisle Bay Sunset

aDonawa-barbados-Carlisle Bay Sunset.jpg

Carlisle Bay, Barbados

Thursday's afterglow was on.

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Day 7 - 25 Days of Moving Pictures

Love is a Waiting Game - Hilton, Barbados

I took this about 3 years ago and it's still the most spectacular sunset I've witnessed so far

Best viewed fully expanded.

Look for the moving water and clouds.

Enjoy the warm chill out.

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Day 6 - 25 Days of Moving Pictures

Mill Wall Get Away from Andre Donawa on Vimeo.

Mill Wall Getaway - Little Bay, Barbados

Click the expand icon on the player to see the full effect.

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