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The Greatest Dancer

aDonawa-barbados-The Greatest Dancer.jpg

Miami Beach, Barbados

I was lucky enough to catch this moment yesterday.

This was the first shot in a burst of three.

I was was using a burst rate of 5 fps.

In the next frame a 1/5 of a sec later that one drop of water was gone.

It was late in the evening and by 6:00pm the sky was really smouldering with colours.

So glad I made the effort to get out :)

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Independence Day Sale 2017

Check out the new shop and sale.
The sale is on for one week only..

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To Chalky and Back

aDonawa-barbados-East Coast Window.jpg

East Coast Window

I wasn't able to get out this weekend, but last weeks trip was great.

I enjoyed the hike with fellow photographer Franz Phillips.

This was a new location for me and had some spectacular views.

I also really enjoyed all the various hues, tones and textures in the rocks.

Another spot to revisit.

Sandstone Seduction

aDonawa-barbados-Sandstone Seduction-PS.jpg
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Bathsheba, Barbados

It was a few minutes after 4:00pm on Sunday and I was of two minds if I should pack up my gear and make a dash for it.

I got there just in time.

This is a panorama that I've tried a couple times before but I never got the right light for it.

On this day the light and the clouds were quite stunning.

I think the hill in the background is called Mellows Hill.

I'm looking forward to exploring this area some more.

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The 2017 EPSON International Pano Awards - Yeah!


I’m thrilled and honoured to have received a silver and two bronze awards in my first Epson International Pano Awards entry.

These are some the most challenging images for me to create, so a little recognition from my peers in the field is always a great thing.

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