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aDonawa-barbados-Green Dream.jpg

Green Dream

I took a few trips over the falls with these waves last week, but it was worth it for these 3 images.

The thing I like about shooting waves is you never know exactly what you will get.

Going back to the car and and previewing the shots is like being a kid again.

Opening your presents at Christmas and wondering will it be the latest drone/copter toy or a matching tie/sock set.

With 'Green Dream' I was hoping to catch the light coming through onto the face of the wave.

It came out much better than I hoped.

aDonawa-barbados-Spin Cycle.jpg

Spin Cycle

It's all about the yellow of the sand and the blue of the sky peeking through the top of the wave.

aDonawa-barbados-Elemental Meeting.jpg

Elemental Meeting

'Elemental Meeting' - Earth,Water, Fire and Air all came together at the right time.

I love the light just sneaking over the top of the wave..

All 3 are now available in the shop on metal, canvas or the medium of your choice.




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Santa's Gift

Apparently I was good for goodness sake.
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My Top 20ish Photographs for 2017

I still haven't managed to get my definitive Top 10 list this year.
It's always difficult to choose.
Here are a few of my favourites from 2017.

Happy New Year!

aDonawa-barbados-3 Trees.jpgaDonawa-barbados-A Beautiful Surprise center.jpgaDonawa-barbados-Aqua Lines.jpg
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Bathsheba Flow

aDonawa-barbados-Bathsheba Flow.jpg

Bathsheba, Barbados

A family goes exploring the water cave at Bathsheba.

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Sun Bomb

aDonawa-barbados-Sun Bomb.jpg

Bathsheba, Barbados

This is a long exposure shot I took a few years ago that I recently re-edited.

It was a bit of a nightmare because it was a really hot evening and after a couple long exposure shots the camera started to get hot.

This lead to a lot of hot pixels that were a real pain to get out in post, but just getting this one image ade it all worthwhile.

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