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Watching For Wave – Chalky Mount, Barbados

aDonawa-barbados-Watching For Wave.jpg

I thought I had it figured out.

After about 45 min you would think I had a good feel for the lay of the land.

I did, but the ocean is a whole different ball game.

This is a 30sec selfie that I took using my phone as a wireless remote.

It’s great because I can set up my camera and get a live feed on my phone to see what the composition is like.

Everything was going great until a freak set decided to come in.

I watched the whole thing on my phone.

Palpitations of the heart ensued.

Fortunately the tripod was spread wide enough to deal with the rogue wave.


Whenever shooting on a reef where there’s choppy surf and waves, and you think you’ve got the timing of the swells……. You don’t.

Always bring a few extra cleaning clothes for the lens, the spray will be relentless and you will need to wipe it often.

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