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The Sunrise Whisperer

aDonawa-barbados-Morning Breaks.jpg

Morning Breaks, Bathsheba Barbados

After checking my favourite weather and tidal sites the night before it looked like there was good chance we would get a decent sunrise.

The alarm went off for 4:00 am.

I turned it off and went back to bed.

I lay in bed for about 1/2 hr.

"If you sleep in you can always catch the sunset",

"Maybe, but the chances are looking better for the sunrise"

The debate raged but the Sunrise Whisperer won in the end.

And the rewards were great.

This is the first sunrise I've taken with my new Laowa 12 mm lens.

The lens is super wide and great for these epic expansive landscape type of shots.

I'm looking forward to getting the filter kit for it next week so i can try some long exposures.

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