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The Source - St. Andrew, Barbados

aDonawa-barbados-The Source.jpg

This was my first time witnessing crepuscular rays.

I always thought they were only in cartoons and fairy tales so it was a big surprise to see them appear behind The Sleeping Giant at Chalky Mount.

Most photographers ask me if I put them in with Photoshop because they are so striking.

This was my first time shooting from this location and I thought they were formed because the sun was behind the mountain.

I returned to this spot a few times later, hoping to get the same conditions. Eventually I realised that without the right weather and cloud cover they won’t show.

The chance for me to get the reflection in the pools at low tide and have the rays there at the same time was rare and it was just one of those special moments.

I took this shot with my first DSLR a Canon Rebel t3i and the kit lens. Even though I’ve upgraded my kit it’s still one of my favourite images.

If I had to shoot it again I would have probably stopped down the aperture to f/11 and extended my depth of field a touch.


Consider how important the foreground is to the composition when deciding on your aperture setting.

A smaller aperture like f/16 will yield a deeper depth of field.

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