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Shooting Waves with the Sony A6000 and Meikon Water Housing

Latest Update - Broken Latch

Water Wall

water wall

I’ve finally found an affordable way to take the type of wave and surfer shots I like.

Is it cheap? No, but it’s much cheaper than any other option I’ve seen with the same feature set.


A6000 camera + 16-50mm lens $698.00 Amazon.

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Meikon Waterhousing                                       $253.00 Amazon

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Total $951.00

Most housings for DSLR’s start around $2000.00 and up. That’s just the housing. No camera included. It’s not a cheap hobby and some pro housings can cost as much as $10,000.00



Surf vs Diving Housing

Ideally I would recommend a surf housing over a diving housing for these type of shots.
They deal with the water pressure differently and the surf housings have a handle to help with the impact from the waves.
The Meikon is a diving housing and it did present a few challenges in the larger swells.

A6000 Settings

I used these for most of the shots




This was my first session in the waves with this setup so I’ll probably tweak them as I get some more experience.

Beaming Down

I shot in RAW since it has more data and gives me more processing options.


Atlantic Cola



  1. The mirrorless a6000 is quite small, even with the housing. There’s less chance of getting a serious pummeling in a bad wipeout.
  2. Affordable. What you get for the price is unbeatable. A 24 Megapixels camera with good autofocusing.
  3. Full control over all the settings from outside the housing.

Wave Smile



I haven’t really tried this in big waves out in the lineup yet. I’m sure having a handle with a trigger would make things much easier.

The biggest challenge for me was trying to see the settings from the monitor. There was a lot of glare and reflections though the viewing space on the housing and I had to go back to the beach and find shade under a tree to dial in any changes.


Abstract Burst

Overall I’m really impressed with what I was able to capture with this setup.

Sailing On Top

I’ll be taking it out into the lineup when the next swell comes around.


Water Dancers

All the shots were taken in Barbados.

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