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Shooting a Stitched Panorama Cityscape

Bridgetown Sunset.jpg

Bridgetown Sunset 5sec f/11 ISO 100


RRS Panning Head
Sirui Tripod
Sony A7R2
16-35mm FE 4
Haida 0.9 ND Filter

The Shoot:

I got to the site early and picked out my composition.
I checked the weather forecast  a little earlier and felt there was a good chance that we would get some colour in the sky. ‘Bridgetown Sunset’ was the original shot I had in mind but I also tried a few other compositions as the light changed.

I leveled my panning head and worked out that I would need about 6 shots to cover the scene and leave a little extra for stitching and cropping. Usually I shoot for, anywhere between a half to a third overlap on my series of shots.

I shot bracketed for the ‘Bridgetown Sunset’ but I ended up only needing my original exposures.


Lightroom and Photoshop

Adjusted the white balance, CA, and lens correction.

Photo Merge => Panorama

Recovered the highlights and shadows

Further edits in Photoshop

For the most part everything lined up ok with the stitch from LR, but I had to do a few edits in PS to correct some of the lamp poles.

I had originally planned to go into more details with this post but I got side tracked with some other projects.

Let me know if you need any more details.

Careenage.jpgCarrenage 5sec f/13 ISO 100

City Lights - Bridgetown.jpgCity Lights - Bridgetown 15sec f/11 ISO 100

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