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Sam Lord's Castle and the Lens of Zoom Pt.2

All of these shots were taken with my Canon 75-300mm USM III on a Sony a7r.

See the previous post for more shots and an actual pic of what’s left of the castle.

We were lucky to start the day with a beautiful sunrise.

Sky Sea Surf Barbados

Sam lords Barbados Sail Sunrise sun sea

Many of the coconut trees on this side of the island tend to be narrow and tall.

I’m not sure the reason for this. Maybe it’s the strong tradewinds and the salty air.

Tall coconut trees Barbados

The sky soon became overcast and the site took on a real spooky atmosphere.


I ran into this red fly on my way to the remains of the pool. I think he was trying to warn me of the upcoming

danger I would find further down in the bushes.

red fly Barbados

I found a lot of the shots I made with the zoom where close-ups and it was fascinating seeing things that I normally just glance at, in much more detail.

Sam Lords Trimming Barbados

Sam lords Pond Autumn Barbados

Curved concrete table sam lords castle barbados

When I tried to get back to the cliffs edge I ran into this guy. He was trying to convince me that he knew a way where I could get spider powers, but I decided to pass.

sam lords spider barbados

Here a few other shots from the trip. The last one called Forgotten Pond. I remember it used to have a these fish in it and for me as boy it was such an amazing magical spot.

I’m hoping that when they rebuild this site they manage to keep some of the mystery and majesty of Sam Lords Castle for the next set of boys and girls who wander it’s grounds.  No more condominiums please.

sam lords coast sea barbados

Correct sam lords castle barbados

forgotten pond sam lords castle barbados

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