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Phoenix and The Shark

Maycocks is a small bay on the Northeast side of the island. I used to surf there with my brother and a few friends back in the day. I remember him telling me that if I ever had a diving mask and looked down and saw the amount of sharks that were swimming under us I’d probably never surf there again.

I was at Maycocks on Friday with fellow photographer David Craigwell. I was standing in this little tidal pool setting up my tripod for what would hopefully be a decent sunset, when David shouted out that he had just seen a shark. I was thinking that it was probably just a big fish, but sure enough it surfaced again about 15 feet from us. It was around 6 ft. I’ve never seen a shark that close to the shore before.

Over our heads there was a large bird circling. Something was going on but fortunately we were just spectators on the beach. David managed to get a quick shot of it and then it swam back out to sea with the bird following it along the coast. Thanks for the shot David.

On the way back I wanted to take a few shots of these rocks that I noticed earlier. Once I got home and started to edit them I noticed that the rock in this shot looked a bit like a fin and the clouds resembled a bird.

Maycocks you are so surreal.

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