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My Top 20ish Photographs of 2014

Amazingly all of these shots are from our little island Barbados.

"Reef and Ridge" I was actually composing another shot in the opposite direction. When I turned around I saw the sky starting to come alive with colours.  This was also my first drenching for the year.

Barbados reef bathsheaba

Windy Hill. This was my first time climbing to the top of this hill. It had just rained and I was captivated by how the light was falling across the hills.

Windy hill Barbados

Transcension. This is a shot of the mysterious disappearing steps at Batts Rock. Depending on the tides they can become completely covered in sand.

Steps at batts rock barbados

Riddle of The Batts. Another shot from Batts Rock with a suprise sunset.

batts rock barbados

The Joy of Playing Live. Most of my shots are of landscapes but I decided to bring my camera with and take a few of my fellow musicians in action. Victor really made those notes sing on his guitar.

Victor linton guitar

Ripple Hill. This is from one of my favourite stomping grounds on the east coast.

Ripple Hill Barbados

Secret Cove. One of my first shots using the Big Stopper for a long exposure.

secret cove barbados

Passage. On my way to the Hilton and I saw the light coming through this channel. I jumped into the trench and managed to catch the sun just as it was coming around the edge.

passage barbados

One Tree Hill. The clouds were all silky and mysterious on my way back from my first unsuccessful search for Chalky Mount. When I saw the tree I stopped and waited for the sun.

one tree hill barbados

Neverland. I used to spend many summers here as a boy, looking for starfish, springer fish and listening out for the loud "snap" of the mantis shrimp.

Neverland bathsheba barbados

Love is a Waiting Game. One of those right place at the right time moments. The best sunset I've ever seen. The colours just got crazier and crazier the longer I waited.

love is a waiting game barbados

Looking Up. Just loved the patterns the sky and clouds were making with against the branches and leaves.

looking up barbados

Gateway. Yes, another soaking. I checked all the tides and had everything worked out, but the swells don't play by those rules. This Little Bay.

gateway barbados

Emerald. These rocks at Bathsheba have always caught my eye. On this trip the tide was low enough for me to take a few shots of all the green curves and textures.

emerald barbados

Wishing On A Star. What do you do when you've setup for a particular shot and a beautiful girl steps into the scene unannounced? You quickly recompose and work with it. Thanks Leah you made the shot.

wishing on a star barbados

Clear for Landing and On Thyme. My first butterfly bokeh capture.

butterfly batbados

Shot to The Sky. The Garrison Savanah. So much history here. Lots of old canons around and it's also a horse racing track.

garrison canons barbados

Edge of Bim. Between River Bay and The Old North Point Resort is this little bay where the turtles come to lay there eggs.

edge of bim barbados

Duckling Revealed. You can find the remains of this old tree on Six Mens beach on the west coast. If you move your camera around you can get it to look like a swan. I was photobombed by this stranger, but she stood relatively still for the 69sec long exposure.

duckling revealed barbados

Cirlce Sand. My first visit to Long Pond in a really long time. It felt like coming home since this was were I took my first photographs.

circle sand barbados

Before the Sun. Catching the early morning colours at Crane beach

before the sun barbados

Aquatica. I used to swim under this jetty every weekend on my way to a bodysurfing session at the Hilton. Apparently it was also a great hangout spot for barracudas.

Aquatica barbados

Mindless One. Another great sunset and a long exposure. The moving red light on the lighthouse reminds of the critters from the Doctor Strange comic book.

Mindless one barbados

I Want To Break Free. Same lighthouse, a few minutes earlier and a diffent perspective and story.

i want to break free

Cotton Candy Clouds. Catching the clouds and reflections at Long Pond.

cotton candy clouds barbados

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