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My Top 20ish Photographs for 2015

My Top 20ish Photographs for 2015

2015 was a great year for my photography. I got to travel to Cuba with our local photography group and I also experience an amazing light show on Thursday 24th September.
Here are some of my favourites from the year.

Radical at RadissonWave RadissonI've always wanted to take a shot like this. After being pummeled a few times, I was really thrilled to see what I had managed to capture.
This was a beach break at Pebbles Beach, Barbados on the south coast. It doesn't break like this very often so i was fortunate to catch it with the right light.

Rip Curl1450900604Another wave from Pebbles Beach.

AquaThis is a long exposure image. I was originally hoping to get a spectacular sunset with lots of reds and magenta's but even though they never showed I ended up really liking the more subdued pastel colours.
This is another one from Pebbles Beach, Barbados. I used my Lee ND and polarizing filters for this shot.

Channels at Batts
Channel At BattsBatts Rock, Barbados is a great spot for sunsets. I had to wade out into the water to get this one. I wanted to stay a bit longer and catch some of the colours from the blue hour but the tide started to come in and I got soaked a couple times so I headed back to shore.
The unusual shape of the rocks is what drew my attention. I exposed the shot to capture some of the movement in the water, and the sunlight dancing on the the green reef. I used my Lee ND and polarizing filters for this shot.

Swirly Pools at Batts1446513508Batts Rock has many interesting rocks formations. When the water from the waves breaks on the reef it makes these interesting swirls and lines which I captured with a long exposure.

Reef ReflectionsReef ReflectionsI had originally setup to take surfing shots with my housing and was about to head home when I realized the sky was looking interesting. I decided to rush home and get my a7r. By the time I got back the colours were out and the clouds had these long tendrils. I set up and caught some of the reflections in the reef as the tide went out. This was taken at Drill Hall Beach, Barbados.

Drill Hall Beach Blue Hour1450900294Another shot  taken a little later when the blue hues came out.

Endless SummerEndless SummerThis one reminded me of the classic surf movie poster. Drill Hall Beach

East Looking NorthEast Looking NorthBathsheba is one of my favourite spots on the island. The salt spray always makes it a challenge though. You have to remember to always wipe your lens. You can see the sea spray rolling across like mist in the background.

 Xylocopa-The GuyXylocopa - The GuyThis was the first and only time I've ever seen a male version of what we call Bumble Bee's in Barbados. The females are black and the males are yellow and have no sting. I was there for about an hour before I got the shot I wanted.


This is a five image panorama shot of Green Pond. We got there early but had to wait until the moon went down to avoid more light pollution in the sky.  You can see the lights from the villages in the background.


I was out in the line up with the a6000 and my housing and took this shot of the light from a great sunset coming through the tip of this wave.

Gears of ImaginationGears of Imagination

I had just gotten a replacement adapter ring for my Lee Filter kit and was eager to try some long exposure shots on the east coast. This old engine part, supposedly from an old wreck out on the reef made for an interesting composition. This was taken at Harry Smiths Beach.

Reflections at MatinsRefllections at Martins

An early morning sunrise from the reef at Martins Bay, Barbados

Rainbow ConnectionRainbow Connection

An early morning shot at Batts Rock was worth the trip and soaking when this rainbow appeared.

 Little Sunset PoolLittle Sunset PoolYou can find this little pool along the coast at Surfers Point, Barbados.  I used my Nd filters to smooth out the water and capture the movement of the clouds in this shot. I was also able to get the light coming in from underneath the edge of the pool.

Final FlightFinal Flight

The buildings in Cuba exhibit a blend of the different cultures that exist on the island. You can find a mix of Moorish, Baroque and Art Deco buildings right next each other.

Sunset Cruise on The MaleconSunset Cruise On The Malecon

It was a thrill seeing all the old vintage cars in such immaculate condition in Havana, Cuba.

Argentine TangoArgentine Tango

Every Sunday a group of dancers would come out and dance along the boulevard of the Prado, in Havana,Cuba. The light on this day was magical as they twirled and swirled along the floor.

Falling Sun, Rising StarsFalling Stars, Rising StarsI decided to head out to Green Pond when the Perseid meteor shower passed this year.  It was just me, a few cows and some hungry mosquitoes waiting underneath the stars.

Earth ShadowEarth ShadowThe Earth Shadow is the shadow that the earth cast on its own atmosphere. If the conditions are right, it can be seen as a dark blue shadow around the times of sunrise and sunset.
A related phenomenon is the “Belt of Venus” or “anti-twilight arch”, a pink band that is visible above the dark blue of the Earth’s shadow, in the same part of the sky. When I was taking this shot as the sun set, the shadow climbed higher over Round Rock and faded into the night.

Here Comes The SunHere Cpmes The Sun

Catching the golden rays from a spectacular sunrise at Little Bay, Barbados.

Little Bay SunriseLittle Bay SunriseIt’s mornings like the one’s in this shot that remind me why I get up at 4:00 am and make the drive from one end of the island to the other.There’s a wild mix of seemingly conflicting emotions that run through me like a river, as I scramble over the rocks to setup my tripod.
Excitement, peacefulness, joy, melancholy, hope, all blend together in this moment. I’m not sure if there is a word to describe it all, but it feels right.

Thanks for the support and have a great 2016.








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