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Meikon Bites The Dust

Broken Meikon2
Well, It was bound to eventually happen. My Meikon water housing has had enough. It's broken up with me and gone it's separate way.

My first shots with the Meikon water housing

This housing for my Sony a6000 was really made for diving conditions were the changes in pressure are gradual. I've been using it for surf and wave photography and we've both taken quite a few tumbles.
A swell was expected to arrive to the island on Monday. I was setting up my gear and opened the door when the plastic latch broke.
I'm relieved that this happened while on dry land but now the quest continues for another means to catch the magic motion of the waves.

Here are a few of my most recent shots before the breakup.

Radical Radisson
A Million Worlds
Below The Line
Catch The Light
Glass Houses
Conga Line
Light On The Water
Rip Curl

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