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Giant Stepping Stones

Sometimes you just head out on a hunch and hope for the best.

Giant Stepping Stones, Barbados

Whenever I visit this side of the island, I know there’s a good chance I will get some interesting shots.

On this day, I got an added bonus to a front row seat with this spectacular sunset.

This was taken by the Old North Point Beach Resort in Barbados.

I actually just walked there along the cliff from River Bay.

It’s very quite on this side of the island. The only people I saw were these two adventuresome surfers.

If you look really close along the shore, you can see one of them, paddling back out to catch his last wave for the day.

This side of the island has a unique dramatic charm to it.

Ichirouganaim (The Sleeping Giant) lies down the coast with his own enigmatic tales.

I think this would make a great place for the next Tolkein movie.

“Ichi” rises from the ground and heads out along the Giant Stepping Stones to do battle with his ancient rival Godzilla. Throw in a few Transformers and we have the making of a truly disastrous movie.

I would have to watch it though.


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