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Flamingo and The Falling Man

Flamingo and the falling man

Can you spot the cloud that looks like a man falling through the sky?

This was a first for me. That queasy feeling when you watch your tripod and camera tip over and fall to the ground. Everything’s going in slow motion and you know there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

Early morning shots are always a bit of a rush for me since I have to get to the other side of the island. This was taken at Tent Bay.  I had actually gotten there early for a change and was waiting in the car for the light to show.

I had set up my shot and was reaching for my bag on the ground to get the remote when it came crashing down. The camera looked OK but the lens had a chunk crushed in around the grooves for the filters.  I started to take a few shots and I realized it was stuck at f/4. I powered off/on and still no luck. I decided to head back to the car and take the lens off to see if that would work. I was totally relieved to see we were rolling again, but by this time most of the colours in the sky were gone.

 Even though this image came out a bit soft since the lens was stuck at f/4, I really love the colours and the story it tells. Another spot I hope to revisit.

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