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Ef greedy wait hot wud cool

Hi and welcome to my first post at, my Photography website/blog.


In case you were wondering

“Ef greedy wait hot wud cool” is Bajan for “Patience will be rewarded.”

Yes, this took a lo…..t longer than I thought it would. 

Seems, like I’ve been working on it forever. 

I thought I could just shake off my coding rust and have this up in no time.

Well, the “no time” part was correct.

I tried a few versions on my own but finally got some help from my webmaster.

Thank you” Oh Great and Powerful Webmaster” without your help we would all be forced to wander the psychedelic virtual dungeons and walk ways of a site like this

Thanks to all of you in the Barbados photographic community.

I’ve learned so much from shooting with and at you.

Also special thanks to everyone over at The Barbados Photographic Society.  You have all had a big impact on my development as a photographer and continue to do so.

Thanks to John Gooding, Julian Beresford, Andre Williams, Bernard Wallace Pooler, and Clement Irie at Barbados Lens Peepers for all the tips and off-road adventures where the truck did not fall over the hill.  Very, happy with that particular outcome.

So here’s the plan.

I’m going to create photographs and share them with you on my site 

As you can probably guess they will most likely be popping with colours.

I know this is not everyone’s cup of tea and I also like to dabble in some other styles, so in time, I’ll also dedicate a few rooms in the castle to some other things like Black and Whites and maybe a few Abstractions.

There's also a news letter where you will get access to

  1. Lots of sea and landscape photos from the Caribbean.
  2. Free tutorials and photography tips.
  3. Special announcements and discounts exclusively for Newsletter subscribers

 Thanks for visiting the site and I hope you sign up for the newsletter.


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