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Duckling Revealed

aDonawa-barbados-Duckling Revealed.jpg

It was one of those hazy summer evenings with just a cloud or two in the sky. I wasn’t really expecting much, but we were lucky to get this soft gradient of colour as the sun set.

In the local photographer community this group of old tree trunks is known as the Swan. If you shoot it from the right position it reveals itself.

My main focal point for this composition was the swan, but I also wanted to highlight the other elements, like the sun, the branches of the distant tree and the texture of the sand.

I used a LEE 10stop filter to smooth out the water and simplify the background.

I also cropped the tree at the right to remove a telephone pole and part of a building.


Look for patterns, textures and shapes in your compositions that add interest, but try to eliminate those same elements that detract from it.

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