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Chalky Mount Reflections – Lakes Beach, Barbados

aDonawa-barbados-Chalky Mount Reflections.jpg

One of the advantages of taking Long Exposure images is that you get to stop for a bit, and really take in the beauty of the scene before you.

The Sleeping Giant (Ichirouganaim) is one of my favourite subjects on the east coast.

I knew the tide was going to be low so I decided to try for a composition that also captured its reflection.

The waves were still coming in and the wind is always strong on the east.

Taking a long exposure helped to smooth out the water and give it a more mirror like quality.

This helped to bring out the reflections.

I used a Lee 10 stop filter for this shot.


Using filters can help to reduce distracting elements and add a dream like atmosphere to your images.

It’s also a great way to bring out reflections in water.

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