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Bay at the End – Bathsheba, Barbados

aDonawa-barbados-Bay at The End.jpg

This is a small bay at the north end of Bathsheba.

There’s something really magical about this spot.

I’m not sure if it’s the sound of the waves, or the sound that the pebbles make as they rub against each after being tossed by the water.

Maybe it’s the light falling on the rocks in the background or the way the waves dance across the reef.

I’ve been to this site a couple times before.

Even though I’ve taken a few decent shots from here I never felt that I was able to capture the feeling I get when I'm there.

This week’s outing is the closest I’ve come.

Here’s a brief break down of what works for me in this image.

Most of these fall under the umbrella of the “Elements of Design”

1/ Line

There is a leading diagonal line going from the right bottom of the image across to the left and curving back out to sea. This helps to add a 3 dimensional quality to the image.

2/ Texture

It’s a little hard to see in this low rez image but there are some nice textures in the rocks and pebbles in the foreground.

3/ Shape

The shapes of the rocks in the fore/mid and background provide interesting elements for my eye as it moves around the image.

4/ Form

The light falling on the rocks helps to give them more depth. You can really notice this with the large ones on the right and in the water.



The overall colour scheme of this image is blue and orange. This is a complimentary colour pair that works well with most sunset images.

6/ Patterns

Our minds like to look for order among the randomness around us. The patterns that the pebbles and rocks make against the beach add an interesting element.


Use the elements of design to create more engaging compositions.

I only covered a few of them here so you might want to check out a few of the others online.

Thanks for following along with my blog and newsletter.

I’m going to be making some changes in the coming months so please bare with me.

Also if there are any particular things you would like me to cover drop me an email.



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