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A Perfect Hideaway

aDonawa-barbados-Country Road.jpg

Country Road - Parks, Barbados

I've passed through here a few times on my way back home from a shoot on the east.

It's called Under Parks on the map but I think most of the locals just call it Parks.

It's a beautiful verdant spot with many shades of green and a long winding road that fades away into the distance.

Even though we only have 166 square miles I find it amazing that we have so many of these little pockets of uniqueness scattered all over the island.

It's like taking a drive in the English countryside and then all of a sudden you are on the beaches of Florida.


I had some cloud coverage and I also used the tree to control the intensity of the dynamic range in this shot.

I still ended up doing a bit of exposure blending for the really hot spots in the sky.

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