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3 Views of a Lighthouse

This was my first time visiting Ragged Point.

It’s a beautiful area and there’s lot’s to see but I decided I wanted to focus on the lighthouse.

This was one of those days when I felt we might have a good sunset. Earlier during the day I realised that the clouds were really small and moving fast; a great candidate for some long exposures.

View #1 “I Want to Break Free”      5:02pm  27/11/2014



I got there and saw that the big communication tower was going to be a challenge when working on my composition. Sometimes these limitations can really make you look a bit harder for your shot.

The agave tree really caught my attention, and then when I noticed the barbed wire I thought it would add to the story of the lighthouse being caged in.


View #2 “How to Grow a Lighthouse”   5:37pm  27/11/2014


The sun started to fall and a few hints of colours in the sky became apparent. I used two exposures for this image. One for the lighthouse, and a longer one for the sky. The Lee Big Stopper filter leaves a blue caste and I left a bit of for the sky. When I tried blending the 2 images in PS I realized my selection was a bit messy and I had some weird fringing going on with the trees to my left.  I was going to redo the selection but seeing how surreal it was looking I decided to keep the look and push it some more by adding a few more light particles. Aaron Nace fron Phlearn has good vid of this.


View #3 “Mindless One”    5:59 27/11/2014


It was getting dark really quick and the moon was starting to peek out from behind the clouds. I used another long exposure for this but I only had the Big Stopper which was too much for this shot. I had to shut down the aperture to f/22 and bring my ISO down to 64. The red light at the top of the lighthouse reminds me of single eye from one of those giant critters in the Dr Strange comic books.

I lost my adapter ring for the filter on this trip. I think the Mindless One knows where it is but he’s not telling.

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