This is the story of how I met an old flame and fell head over heels in love again.

It started when I borrowed a camera and took my first lessons with local photography legend Ronnie Carrington. I was hooked.

However, one month later I had to return the camera, as I left my island home Barbados and got up caught up in the world of academics. Bunsen burners, calculators and no camera on hand we parted ways.

Fast forward 10+ years, and I was in a position where I needed to take some food photos. I bought my first camera, took a few tutorials and the game was on again.

I love being outdoors and setting up for a shot, waiting to see what special show nature will present on any given day. Landscapes/seascapes are my favorites and I have been known to go to some crazy lengths to get that shot.

When I’m not running around the islands with a bunch of camera gear in tow, I can be found, out in the lineup waiting for the next wave, jamming some tunes at a gig, or locked away in the studio recording.

I love to create.